Newstead Riverpark To Receive Dual Tower

Development giant Mirvac has submitted a developmental proposal to build a dual tower residential development located at 43 Evelyn Street and 15 Gordon Streets in Newstead.

Named ‘Evelyn’ the development comprises of a total of 283 apartments across two towers in varying heights of 25 storeys and 14 storeys.

Also proposed on the 6180 sqm site area is:

• A four storey podium form with two towers at 25 storeys and 14 storeys.

• A single basement level containing car parking;

• A community room available for use by residents and the public free of charge; and

• A privately owned public accessible open space area (approximately 950m2) available for public access and use at the eastern end of the site).


Evelyn’s parkland front door will be highlighted through an extension of the Waterfront character across Waterloo Street. The landscape will give the sense of a building in a park through verdant outdoor spaces on ground level, wrapping up onto the podium.

Green footprint

Evelyn aims for significant landscape replacement over the footprint of the development. A green footprint aims to counteract the “grey” of a city and maintain a natural environment amongst high density areas.

City footprint

Communal breakout spaces will be provided on several tower levels to encourage interaction. To support the main building lobby, an outdoor podium lobby will facilitate a less formal approach to apartments, allowing residents to pass communal spaces as they enter and exit their building. Private access to the podium from adjacent apartments will also be provided.

Newstead Riverpark & Masterplan

The Newstead Riverpark project is a landmark project in the Urban Renewal area, and is a significant project in Brisbane City. Covering over 17 hectares in total, Newstead Riverpark is transforming one of the last major inner city industrial locations into an urban village consisting of residential, commercial, community and parkland uses, ideally located on the Bulimba Reach of the Brisbane River. A series of preliminary approvals have been granted by Council over the Newstead Riverpark area over a long period which reflected revisions of the masterplan over time.

Mirvac has developed the eastern extent of the Riverpark site known as ‘Waterfront’. The subject land is located at the northern most extent of the Waterfront site and is bounded by Evelyn Street, Waterloo Street and Gordon Street.

Mirvac worked in partnership with Brisbane City Council (including Urban Renewal Brisbane) to prepare a revised Masterplan (2008) which built upon the principles founded in the 2002 Masterplan, extending the key improvements realised in the 2006 Masterplan, and better responding to the emerging planning context and strategic importance of the site.

Residents will have access to pools, parks and green spaces.